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SERG Technologies: Our year end message 2023

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SERG Technologies: Our year end message As we are getting closer to the festive season and city-centres light up with celebrating decorations and millions of lights, it is the time to reflect on the last 12 months and the many achievements and lessons learned. 2023 started with SERG remaining committed in its goal to Innovate Parkinson's Disease care and significantly improve the quality of life for patients and their carers. We received a SMART award from Innovate UK to continue development and testing towards commercialisation of our Parkinson’s physiotherapy monitoring system. The system we are developing and trialing provides remote access to personalised physiotherapy whilst monitoring Parkinsonian symptoms. This SMART award also solidified our partnership with the LV Rehabilitation Clinic. It has really been amazing working closely with the specialist neurological rehabilitation team at LV Rehabilitation, learning how to enhance the health outcomes of people who are engaged in physiotherapy services. Our Team has continued growing. In January, Norman Madeja, Clinical Research Nurse and Panipat Wattanasiri, Machine Learning Engineer joined us. They have since both made brilliant strides in the team and our development. Our Tremor Treatment project, sponsored by the National Institute of Health and Care Research in collaboration with Imperial College and St George’s Hospital in London, is near completion. We secured approval to run a clinical trial with our wearable, non-invasive, peripheral neural stimulation system. The system monitors muscle activity produced by tremor and then generates an undetectable electrical stimulation, targeting the muscle group responsible for producing tremor and interrupting the signal and stopping the tremor. Summer brought more fantastic news for the us. With Boston Scientific and St George’s Hospital we were awarded a Biomedical Catalyst grant for a revolutionary system that will allow deep brain stimulators, to be objectively calibrated accurately and in a matter of seconds, and then adjust to the symptoms a patient experiences throughout the day. Deep brain stimulation is a surgical treatment for Parkinson's when a person is in the very advanced stage of Parkinson's and medication no longer controls symptoms. We have been working diligently to develop our SERG PD.Ignite Platform. It is a data driven holistic Parkinson's analytics platform for daily monitoring and managing Parkinson's. The platform includes our patented PD.Ignite wearables and dashboard which uses patient data to support personalised care giving people with Parkinson’s greater control. The last piece of the puzzle was completed mid summer with the Team winning a prestigious National Institute of Health and Care Research invention for innovation award for to develop a system capable of optimising medication dosage and time based on continuous symptoms monitoring. Such a holistic system will significantly improve accessibility to effective care and improve the quality of life for all effected by Parkinson’s. At the end of summer SERG successfully completed stage one of ISO13485, with the British Standards Institution, further proof to our commitment to developing credible, safe and quality medical devices. In September, our Neurological Physiotherapist, Netaly Gross joined our team. Netaly's work heavily involves the Physiotherapy SMART award from Innovate UK. Another milestone for us was the establishment of our SERG Activities lab as a secondary development space in North Kensington. The new lab allows us to invite people with Parkinson’s in for in person participating of our trials. A huge thank you to all our supporters, please continue checking our website SERGTechnologies.co.uk and our LinkedIn page for future updates. Our office will be closed from Wednesday 21st December 2023 and will reopen on Thursday 4th January 2024. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year


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