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Wearable PD Diagnostics

Treatment for Parkinson's Disease patients is currently based on snapshot diagnosis and self reporting. Our wearable system can allow effective long term treatment by giving providing a daily recording of Parkinsonian symptoms. This gives doctors the information they need to make the best overall treatment decisions for each person.

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Bionic Control

For some, a prosthetic device is vital to interact with the world, but current interfaces make this hard. We are adding functionality with our new sensors.

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Gesture Recognition

We are surrounded by more smart devices than ever before, so we are exploring wearable gesture recognition as a way to put users back in control.

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What we do

We have created a wearable biometric platform based on an innovative neuromuscular interface which allows people to gather more information about themselves than ever before. We are still looking at all the ways this platform could be used, here are just some of our current applications.


Our Values

We are dedicated to evidence-based innovation in all aspects of our work. We are honest, ethical and committed to keeping our users at the heart of everything we do.


Our Mission

Enabling people to overcome and achieve more in all areas of their lives. We do this by bringing people closer to their technology, bridging the gap between people and technology creating new opportunities and experiences.


Our Philosophy

Solve problems that genuinely affect people. Small improvements pave the way to a more fulfilling life.

Latest News


SERG Technologies and the University of Thessaly come together to test next generation technology

Christos 2020-10-10

SERG Technologies and the University of Thessaly have launched a new collaboration to explore Parkinson’s disease diagnosis and monitoring solutions.

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User interface is evolving from radio waves to sound control

Christos Kapatos 2020-07-03

User interface is evolving from radio waves to sound control, and now you can operate everything in your house just by thinking!

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International technology companies invest in Greek talent

Christos Kapatos 2020-06-23

SERG Technologies, a London based startup, is among an increasing number of technology companies that is employing engineering talent in Greece.

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