Join our trials

Join our trials

If you are a person living with Parkinson's Disease or Essential Tremor, please read the short letter below - we would love to involve you in our trials.

The core aim of SERG Technologies is to reduce the burden of disease on those living with conditions like Parkinson's, and we have already made great progress towards this, however there is still a long way for us to go.

It is vital for us to ensure that we are developing our solutions with the people who will be using them, after all, it's the only way to ensure that we are building something useful.

Having said that, before expressing your interest, it is important for you to understand that many of our systems are still under development. In the short-term, participation in these trials will not lead to any material benefit to you as one of our volunteers, it will not affect your symptom presentation in any way.

Your participation is vital for our development, and help us towards achieving our aim of reducing the burden of these diseases. Without volunteers, research and development of new systems and technologies cannot take place.

Thank you for your understanding, if you would like to participate in one of our trials, please leave your details below and a member of our team will get in contact with you.

Dr Samuel Wilson
Chief Technology Officer
SERG Technologies

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