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What we do

We have developed a first-of-its-kind telemedicine diagnostic tool to allow Parkinson’s disease patients and neurologists to monitor stiffness of movement, bradykinesia and tremor remotely in one device, dramatically improve quality of life for millions of people. At the same time we help amputees and people with movement impairments achieve absolute control over their bionic assistive devices.

PD Device

SERG Technologies has developed and patented a first-of-its-kind, Parkinson’s Diagnostic Device (PDD) to quantify all three primary PD motor symptoms - rigidity, tremor, and bradykinesia. The PDD consists of a wearable sensor suite and machine learning software package for empirical assessment of Parkinsonian symptoms. It is compact, trivial to don and doff and requires no on-site calibration. All processing can be completed on a cell phone app, enabling clinical use, at home, or on the move for instant “on the fly” symptom assessment.


SERG Technologies is revolutionizing the way humans interact with technology by re-inventing human to machine interface. We have developed a new, innovative and wearable sensor suite which provides intuitive, “neural-interface” Gesture Control for existing technology such as prosthetic limbs, automated orthoses, exoskeletons and wearable-robots, completely removing the dependency on antiquated EMG sensors paving the way for real bionic integration.

Global Interface IoT

Our smart, compact, cost-effective sensor technology has enabled an unobtrusive universal human-machine interface, which is more robust, reliable, user-friendly and versatile than any existing commercial gesture-control system. It allows any device to be controlled by reading intuitive muscle contractions, giving the sensation that the device is responding directly to thought or natural movement. It has already controlled robotic limbs, computers, televisions, and drones.