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User interface is evolving from radio waves to sound control

Christos Kapatos2020-07-03

User interface is evolving from radio waves to sound control, and now you can operate everything in your house just by thinking!


International technology companies invest in Greek talent

Christos Kapatos2020-06-23

SERG Technologies, a London based startup, is among an increasing number of technology companies that is employing engineering talent in Greece.


SERG wins £50,000 COVID-19 grant

Tom Watts2020-06-01

SERG has secured a £50,000 grant from a highly competitive Innovate UK call. The money has been awarded to support development of their telemedicine system for Parkinson’s patients during the COVID-19 crisis.


SERG Technologies secures pre-seed investment from Velocity.Partners VC.

Christos Kapatos2020-04-15

SERG Technologies, a London based deep-tech startup, has joined Velocity.Partners VC portfolio of investments, successfully closing its pre-seed round 6 months after the original fundraising announcement was made.


The SERG team grows

Christos Kapatos2020-02-17

SERG is delighted to have Tom, Vani and Kostas join the SERG team. Welcome aboard!


Alex Lewis reaches summit of Ras Dashen

Tom Watts2019-11-07

SERG Technologies’ Alex Lewis has recently scaled the 4,550m Ras Dashen mountain in Ethiopia. Congratulations Alex from the whole team at SERG!