A little about Us

SERG was founded to make the gesture control of technology accessible for everyone and easier to use than ever before.

Our unique sensors detect tiny, subconscious movements that indicate a wearer’s intent, we turn these into control signals for everything from TV’s to smart prosthetics, resulting in almost instant response times. We are also developing new tools to allow Parkinson's patients to track their symptoms, providing vital new information to their doctors, leading to long term improvements to the efficacy their treatment.

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Gesture Recognition

We are surrounded by more smart devices than ever before, so we are exploring wearable gesture recognition as a way to put users back in control.

Symptom Monitoring

Treatment for Parkinson's patients is currently based on snapshot diagnosis and self reporting. Our wearable system can provide far more information, leading to more effective long term treatment.

Prosthetic Control

For some, a prosthetic device is the main way to interact with the world, but hard to use interfaces make this very difficult. We are adding functionality with our new sensors.

Activity Monitoring

Imagine a fitness tracker which could recognise not only how much you were moving, but what exercise you were doing and how hard your muscles were working. Take control of your workout like never before.